Achieve Sustainability in Agriculture
Practices Innovate Solution for
Cleaner and Greener Energy
Mitigate Specific Environmental
Problems-such as Toxic Chemicals and
Wastes Safe Natural Products To
Ensure Human Health
Cross-cutting Research that Bridges
Areas such as (Water, Energy, Soil And
Alternative Farming Systems)


Sustainable agriculture division of TERI envisions to offering new products and advanced technological services for farm profitability by leveraging our expertise, strengths and experiences in applied cutting-edge research, innovations and education. The end goal is to educate and empower agricultural community to achieve higher economic benefits through greater societal engagements and promotion of small farmer entrepreneurship while ensuring sustainability and conservation of natural resources.

Our initiatives include
  • Developing solutions and practices to achieve sustainability in agriculture
  • Developing and implementing strategies to mitigate environmental risks associated with toxic chemicals and wastes
  • Developing cleaner and greener energy technologies
  • Developing products from natural resources that are safe for human health

Our works include products & technology development, cutting-edge research & innovations, policy research and implementation in areas of water, energy, soil and alternative farming systems

Our Products

Our Services

Molecular Marker and Finger Printing Services

PCR based molecular markers have been widely used in the field of biodiversity conservation, crop improvement and health.

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Product Development Consultancy

Our team has a rich experience of new product development and quality improvement of existing products.

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This next generation microencapsulation technology of TERI for nodulatingrhizobacteria (non-sporulating bacteria) species

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Instrumentation Services

The TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC) is offereing Sophisticated Instrumentation facilities which go a long way in improving the quality of research being carried out in the Research Institutes, Universities and Industries.

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barcode development for commercial isolates of AMF

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi (AMF) are vital components of the microbial soil community, forming the most commonly occurring underground network, probably the oldest and largest symbiotic association between the roots of more than 80% of all terrestrial plant species.

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Our Technologies

Mycorrhiza Mass Production Technology

In view of the stark reality of increasing demand for food production, food security, and nutrient deficiency, Mycorrhiza will in the future play a key role in sustainable agriculture owing to its contribution to the plant apropos to phosphorous nutrition.

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Wasteland reclamation technologies

We are promoting cost-effective environmental friendly alternatives for higher plant productivity in marginal lands, unproductive lands as well as in the reclamation of wide categories of wastelands and industry created wastes.

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Seed Coating technology of Microbes and nanofertilizers

Integrated seed coating is a technique in whichbiological, nanonutrients, and biostimulants etc. are applied to seed with an aim to provide protection against the abiotic and biotic factors and improve the establishment of healthy seedling of crops.

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Next generation microencapsulation technology of TERI for nodulating rhizobacteria (non-sporulating bacteria) species using natural polysaccharides will lead to desired size of microspheres loaded with microbes for seed coating applications with higher shelf life.

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Nano Nutrient Production Technology

The global market for nanotechnology-based products, including agriinput products, is expected to reach $125 billion in 2024. It is now well established that the future sustainable growth of agriculture would depend on innovative nano-interventions.

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