TERI Nanonutrient Biological Production Technology

The global market for nanotechnology-based products, including agri input products, is expected to reach $125 billion in 2024. It is now well established that the future sustainable growth of agriculture would depend on innovative nano-interventions.

The TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC) is devoted for developing innovative nanonutrients products to address current challenges in the field of agriculture and the environment. During the past few years, TDNBC’s acquired expertise in the biological production technology of zinc-iron, phosphorous and zinc-iron-phosphorous with mesoporous nanocarrier nanonutrients. The eco-friendly scale-up production process of Zn-Fe nanofertilizers, Nano Phosphorus and zinc-iron-phosphorous with mesoporous nanocarrier have been achieved successfully, high use efficiency of nanofertilizer variants have been tested and validated through the specific field trails.

Key features of Nano Nutrient Technology:
  • Amorphous nanoform
  • Produced from biological methods
  • No occupational hazard
  • Higher use efficiency (85 to 95%)
  • Significant reduction of volume and weight actives
  • Transportation and application ease
  • Least energy for manufacturing
  • No toxicity from production confirmed via OECD Protocols

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