Mycorrhiza Production Technology

Next generation Mycorrhiza Production Technology Licensing for developed and developing countries
In view of the stark reality of increasing demand for food production, food security, and nutrient deficiency, Mycorrhiza will in the future play a key role in sustainable agriculture owing to its contribution to the plant apropos to mineral nutrition. The In-Vitro mass production technology offers the commercial production of viable, healthy, genetically pure and high quality mycorrhiza without contamination under sterile environment and space efficient production system. Competitively priced product formulations of tablets, granules, liquids and powder forms have also been developed for end users. Technology offers end-to-end customized production capacity based licensing.

The key features of this technology include:

  • Production of genetically pure, contamination free, viable, healthy and highly efficient mycorrhizal inoculum of over 40 AMF species
  • Molecularly confirmed species used for production
  • Higher productivity per unit area of production
  • Space and energy efficient (maximum productivity/cm2 of production space with minimal energy input)
  • Sustained production all through the year independent of seasonal variations
  • No hazardous waste is produced from the production process
  • Specific low manpower automated production plant facility is available for developed countries

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