Molecular Marker and Finger Printing Services


PCR based molecular markers have been widely used in the field of biodiversity conservation, crop improvement and health. AFLP technique is the most suitable for use in underprivileged and new species because it can be readily used without much standardisation. It has high multiplex ratio with highly reproducible profiles when conducted by a trained researcher. Whereas, SSR (microsatellite) are locus specific markers widely used for confirmation of hybrid/varieties of crop plants.

The Sustainable Agriculture Division of TERI has been using AFLP and SSR markers since 1997 and provides AFLP and SSR based services to seed and horticulture industries. TERI is DSIR approved lab and had provided DNA Fingerprinting services for more than 50 seed companies across country. We have used these markers in a wide number of plant and animal species e.g. Paddy, wheat, Maize, Pearl millets, Tomato, bamboo, teak, neem, tea, seabuckthorn, jatropha, pongamia, date palm, eucalyptus, Withania, mosquito, houbara, mycorrhizal fungi etc. These markers could be useful for following applications

  • Hybrid validation, variety identification
  • Genetic diversity analysis, population structure
  • Linkage and association mapping
  • Confirmation of species
  • Clonal fidelity of vegetative propagated plants
  • DUS testing of new variety

AFLP fingerprinting service

  • AFLP fingerprinting of plants, animals and microbes
  • The client needs to send only cultures, leaf material or blood or whole animals in case of small insects (please enquire about the method for dispatch of samples)
  • Turn around time- Maximum 30-40 days from the date of receipt of samples
  • The deliverables include the original AFLP pictures, primer sequences, the protocol, the 1-0 matrix, similarity matrix and dendrogram in form of a report for in submission to relevant authority
  • Cost per sample Rs. 3500 (service tax extra as applicable) for analysis using 4 primer combination (~150-200 bands)

  • SSR marker based DNA Fingerprinting services:

    • SSR fingerprinting of hybrids and variety identification of crop plants
    • SSR is locus specific marker analysis
    • Need to developed SSR from genome of the plant under study
    • The deliverables include the original SSR pictures, primer sequences, the protocol, in form of a report for submission to relevant authority
    • Turn around time- Maximum 30-40 days from the date of receipt of samples
    Sample size Cost for analysis with 3-5 SSR markers Cost for analysis with 6-8 SSR markers
    Minimum 10 samples Rs. 3500/- per sample plus GST Rs. 4500/- per sample plus GST
    >10 samples Rs. 3000/- per sample plus GST Rs. 4000/- per sample plus GST

    For any further information, kindly forward your query on below E-mail

    Office contact: +91-11-24682100

    Hybrid/varietal confirmation using SSR marker

    Clonal fidelity of in vitro propagated plants using ISSR

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