Sustainable agriculture division of TERI envisions to offering new products and advanced technological services for farm profitability by leveraging our expertise, strengths and experiences in applied cutting-edge research, innovations and education. The end goal is to educate and empower agricultural community to achieve higher economic benefits through greater societal engagements and promotion of small farmer entrepreneurship while ensuring sustainability and conservation of natural resources.

Our initiative include
  • Developing solutions and practices to achieve sustainability in agriculture
  • Developing and implementing strategies to mitigate environmental risks associated with toxic chemicals and wastes
  • Developing cleaner and greener energy technologies
  • Developing products from natural resources that are safe for human health

Our works include products & technology development, cutting-edge research & innovations, policy research and implementation in areas of water, energy, soil and alternative farming systems

Our Products
  • Mycorrhiza products (AMF’s and EMF’s)
  • Nano-nutrient products
  • Microencapsulated bacterial product
  • Tissue culture plants
  • Natural food and body care products
  • Mycorrhiza-bacteria biofilm (we can list different bacteria)
  • Potassium mobilizers
  • Plant growth promoting Biofilms
Our Technologies
  • Globally Validated production technology of mycorrhiza
  • Technology for reclamation and management of environmentally vulnerable lands and industrial wastelands
  • Microencapsulation for enhancing shelf life of non-sporulating bacteria
  • Nanonutrients production technology
  • Integrated seed coating technology
  • Production of elite planting Material using tissue culture

Our Services
  • Molecular marker and Finger printing
  • Agri-extension in rain-fed areas
  • Microencapsulation for bacterial strains
  • Contractual production
  • On-site reclamation of environmentally vulnerable and industrial wastelands
  • Instrumentation services