CentriVap Refrigerated Centrifugal Concentrators

Instrument details:
Type: Refrigerated CentriVap ® Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator, Glass Lid; 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Make: Labconco
Model No: 73100
Essential specification:
Temperature range: -4° to 100°C
Maximum relative humidity: 80%
Rotor Speed: Up to 1,725 RPM
Heater Power: 300 watts
Sample Type: Liquid
Minimum sample volume for lyophillization: Depends on the sample
Minimum sample volume for lyophillization: 1-5mL
Result Type: Dry residue
Type/Application: Temperature-Sensitive Samples
Speed Control: Fixed
Timer Range: 5 to 999 min
Cold Trap: -84° C
Working principle:
The CentriVap Refrigerated Concentrator, when combined with the CentriVap Cold Trap, uses centrifugal force and vacuum with or without heat to rapidly evaporate and condense solvents from biological and analytical samples. Centrifugation eliminates bumping and foaming as vacuum is applied and also concentrates the solute in the bottom of the vial. This allows recovery of solutes from sample volumes as small as a few microliters. The unique advantage of this concentrator is that it may be cooled to -4°C to prevent damage to heat labile samples. For faster evaporation, the concentrator is equipped with a 300 watt heater to warm the chamber during processi