Confocal laser scanning microscope

Instrument details:
Type: Confocal laser scanning microscope
Make: Zeiss
Model No: LSM 710
Essential specification:
Measurement Range: Visible range
Scan resolution: 4 × 1 to 6144 × 6144 pixels; also for multiple channels; continuously variable
Scanning speed: 14 × 2 speed stages; up to 12.5 frames/sec with 256 × 256 pixels; 5 frames/sec with 512 × 512 pixels (max. 77 frames/sec 512 × 32); min 0.38 ms for a line of 512 pixels; up to 2619 lines per second
Result Type: Image
Software: Zen
Minimum sample volume: NA
Sample type: Solid/Liquid
Precision / Repeatability: NA
Working principle:
Confocal microscopes work on the principle of point excitation in the specimen. The basic principle of confocal microscopy is that the illumination and detection optics are focused on the same diffraction‐limited spot, which is moved over the sample to build the complete image on the detector. They provide a high-resolution image with all areas in focus throughout the field of view, even for a sample having dents and protrusions on the surface. They enable the non-contact non-destructive measurement of three-dimensional shapes.