Flash Chromatography

Instrument details:
Type: Flash Chromatography
Model No: AI-580S & AKROS
Essential specification:
Measurement Range: Wavelength range-200-800nm
Catridges: 30 micron Silica particles
Temperature ranges: Not Applicable
Flow Rate: 1ml to 80 ml
Solvent: Normal grade Solvent(Hexane, Chloroform etc)
Component: Required TLC data
Software name: Chromatograh XY5-110511
Sample type: Liquid/Solid
Minimum sample volume: 1mg
Accuracy: Better than +/-2% on NIST traceable latex standards.
Precision / Repeatability: Better than +/-2% on NIST traceable latex standards.
Result Type: Chromatogram
Working principle:
The principle is that the eluent which is a liquid, under gas pressure (normally nitrogen or compressed air) rapidly pushed through a short glass column. The glass column is packed with an adsorbent of defined particle size with large inner diameter. The most used stationary phase is silica gel 40 – 63 μm, but obviously packing with other particle sizes can be used as well. Particles smaller than 25 μm should only be used with very low viscosity mobile phases, because otherwise the flow rate would be very low. Normally gel beds are about 15 cm high with working pressures of 1.5 – 2.0 bars. Originally only unmodified silica was used as the stationary phase, so that only normal phase chromatography was possible.