Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Instrument details:
Type: Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Make: Agilent
Model No: 5975
Essential specification:
Sample Type: Liquid/gaseous
Measurement Range: Molecular wt range
Inlet Temperature Range: 280 °C
Flow rate: 1ml/min
Injector: split/splitless
Software Name: Chemstation
Minimum sample volume: 1ml
Accuracy: 102%
Precision / Repeatability: NA
Result Type: Chromatogram and CSV file
Oven temperature: Ambient +4 °C– 450 °C
Detector: EM with replaceable horn
Ion source type: Noncoated inert EI source
Mass filter: Monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
Maximum mass: 1050 u
Carrier gases: Helium and hydrogen (nitrogen and argon for Gc detector)
Scan rate (electronic) : Up to 10,000 amu/s
Working principle:
The GC works on the principle that a mixture will separate into individual substances when heated. The heated gases are carried through a column with an inert gas (such as helium). As the separated substances emerge from the column opening, they flow into the MS.