Instrument details:
Type: Microfuidizer
Make: Microfluidics
Model No: LM20-20
Essential specification:
Measurement Range: 20,000 psi (1,379bar)
Temperature range: 50 – 80 °F (10 - 26 °C)
Hydraulic oil capacity: 1.25 Gal (4.7L)
Hydraulic Accumulator Nitrogen Charge (LM20-20): 1100 psi (75 bar)
Maximum Hydraulic Oil Temperature: 150 °F (65 °C)
Minimum sample volume: 12 ml
Sample type: Liquid
Precision / Repeatability: NA
Working principle:
Microfluidics’ LM20 MicrofluidizerTM Processor is designed for the high-performance micromixing of emulsions and dispersions in a variety of industries. The LM20 model is specifically designed to suit laboratory environments.Power for the LM20 MicrofluidizerTM is generated by an on-board hydraulic power system. This system supplies pressurized hydraulic oil to a single acting intensifier pump. The intensifier pump amplifies the hydraulic pressure and transfers it to process the sample. Working pressures up to 30,000 (2069 bar) can be achieved. During the suction stroke, the intensifier pump draws product from the inlet reservoir into the pressure chamber via the inlet check valve. During the power stroke, the check valve closes and the product stream is elevated to a constant pressure level. The pressurized product stream enters the interaction chamber and passes through geometrically fixed micro channels, causing it to accelerate to very high velocities.