Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS)

Instrument details:
Type: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Make: Thermoscientific
Model No: iCE3500 AA sytem, designed in UK
Essential specification:
Correction Quadline Deuterium or AC Zeeman Systems
Flame Atomizer: Universal System (Uses 50 mm Finned Ti Burner)
Furnace Atomizer: GFS35 or GFS35(Z)
Gas Management: Automatic Binary Control
Software: SOLAAR
ICE 3500 Double Beam Dual Atomiser AA Spectrometer with 100 mm burner
Minimum sample volume: FAAS-2 ml, GF-AAS-25micro lit, VA-PAAS-10ml
Gain Cost Efficiency: Innovative Extended Lifetime Cuvettes (ELC) for reduced consumable costs, can be used for thousands of firings
Advanced Performance and Flexibility: The unique dual atomizer design provides a second sample compartment where the furnace can be left permanently aligned and ready for use
Working principle:
The absorption of light by atoms provides a powerful analytical tool for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) is based upon the principle that free atoms in the ground state can absorb light of a certain wavelength. Absorption for each element is specific, no other elements absorb this wavelength.