Fourier transform infra red spectrophotometer (FTIR)

Instrument details:
Make: Thermoscientific
Model No: Nicolet 6700
Essential specification:
Number of scan velocities 15 cm/sec
Source: ETC EverGlo source 0.09cm-1 resolution (9600-20cm-1)
Turbo-mode: 3000cm-1 25% throughput increase
Detector: DLaTGS w/KBr window
peak- to -noise: (1 minute scan) < 8.68 x 10-6 AU(50,000:1)
Software: OMNIC™ Professional 7 with advanced ATR correction
Microview Video Microscopy
Minimum sample volume: 1 mg
Accuracy: NA
Precision / Repeatability: NA
Working principle:
The FTIR instrument sends infrared radiation of about 10,000 to 100 cm-1 through a sample, with some radiation absorbed and some passed through. The absorbed radiation is converted into rotational and/or vibrational energy by the sample molecules. The resulting signal at the detector presents as a spectrum, typically from 4000 cm-1 to 400cm-1, representing a molecular fingerprint of the sample. Each molecule or chemical structure will produce a unique spectral fingerprint, making FTIR analysis a great tool for chemical identification.