Scanning Electron Microscope EVO, MA 10

Instrument details:
Type: Electron Microscope
Make: Carl Zeiss, Germany
Model No: EVO, MA10
Essential specification:
Filament type: LaB6
Measurement range: Size range = 0.3 nm – 5 µm (diameter)
Acceleration Voltage: 0.2 – 30 kV
Probe current 0.2 pA – 5 µA
Resolution: 2-20 nm
Magnification: <7- 10,00,000 X
X- Ray analysis: 8.5 mm AWD and 35° take-off angle
Field of view: 6 mm at AWD
Pressure Range: 10-3000 Pa
Maximum specimen height: 100 mm
Software: ZEN core
Working principle:
A scanning electron microscope (SEM) scans a focused electron beam over a surface to create an image. Electrons are produced at the top of the column, accelerated down and passed through a combination of lenses and apertures to produce a focused beam of electrons which hits the surface of the sample. The electrons in the beam scan the sample in raster fashion, producing various signals that are collected by collector, amplified by scintillator, detected by detectors followed by recording the information about surface topography and composition of the defined area of the sample.
Nanomaterial characterization: size and shape, particle and gunshot residue (GSR) analysis.
Sample preparation at center/ self-prepared sample
Type of samples polymeric/metallic/peptide/protein/coatings/fiber (nature) solid, liquid (form)
Type of solvent organic solvent
Analysis images at different specific for size and shape
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